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Energy systems from Dometic WAECO – power supply well in hand

Things that bring us fun and comfort cost energy, and that's something not available in unlimited quantities. Skill and calculation are required to make optimal use of the capacity of the onboard power network and external energy sources. This is where mobile energy systems from Dometic WAECO provide valuable support. From inverter to voltage converter, from generator to laptop charger, everything’s there to make you comfortable on board.



The latest charging technology – light, compact and affordable. Designed for the fast and gentle charging of wet, gel and AGM batteries. Models from 15 to 80 A.

» WAECO PerfectCharge IU0U automatic chargers

» WAECO PerfectCharge IU 812


Laptop chargers

Problem-free charging of laptops and other small appliances using the on-board battery.

» WAECO PocketPower LC


Battery care

Refresher and conditioner keep your battery in top-notch during long periods of standstill.

» WAECO PerfectBattery BR 12

» WAECO PerfectBattery BC 100



Well-proven inverter variants with modified sine voltage. Models from 100 to 2000 watts. » WAECO PerfectPower inverters

» WAECO PocketPower smart inverter


Sine inverters

Sine inverters for for sensitive consumer units with high start-up currents. Models from 150 to 3500 watts.

» WAECO SinePower sine inverters


Inverter with automatic battery charger

Combination of inverter and battery charger. Supports the mains input by battery power and provides the complete power supply if needed.

» WAECO CombiPower


Charging converters / Voltage converters

Voltage stabilisation for sensitive appliances. Generates the suitable voltage from the on-board battery.

» WAECO PerfectCharge charging converters

» WAECO PerfectCharge voltage converters


Diesel generators

Secure power supply wherever there is no mains power available.

» Dometic BLUTEC 40D

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