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Wall 470/White/Blue
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Артикул: 9103302950

Цена: 124 000 рублей

Срок поставки 3-4 недели

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Premium awning for motorhomes and caravans - without support struts

No awkward setting up

Comprehensive UV protection


Non-bleaching colours


Energy saving 12-volt motor with very low stand-by comsumption, powered by on-board supply

Wall-mounted switch, light kit and weather kit as accessories

Dometic Premium Awning

Dometic Premium Awning
electric operation (12 volts), 470 cm width
Awning without support struts for motorhomes and caravans, electric operation (12 volts), 470 cm width
  • Simply extend and enjoy - no awkward setup
  • No inconvenient struts - the entire space in front of the vehicle is yours to use
  • With remote control and wind sensor
  • Sturdy awning fabric with pattern on both sides
  • Two tilt angles possible
  • Top cover features integrated brush
  • Soft closure: gentle, low-impact closure
  • Back impulse: The fabric is tautened directly after being extended
  • Optional: wall-mounted radio remote control for convenient operation at the location of your choice, LED light kit
Operation mode electric
Voltage 12 volts DC
Width 470 cm
Extension 250 cm
Housing colour white, silver or black
Fabric colour blue or silver
Weight approx. 43.3 kg
Supplied with Remote control, wind sensor, continuous installation rail for simple, professional assembly, protective cap for the inside screws for the awning.
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Item designation: Dometic Premium Awning
electric operation (12 volts), 470 cm width
Ref. No.: 9103302950
Accessories: Wall-mounted switch
Ref. No.: 9108690753
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