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Parking aids

Parking aids – total accuracy at the loading bay

Trucks up to 7.5 t are mainly used for local distribution of goods. The stress of constant manoeuvring in narrow courtyards leaves its mark not just on the driver’s nerves. To protect your fleet and save on repair costs you should make a timely investment in a WAECO MagicWatch parking aid. For all larger vehicles we recommend using the MagicWatch MW 650 or MWE 650 model. MagicWatch MW 650 comes with sub-mounted sensors for quick and easy installation to the underside of the rear bumper. MagicWatch MWE 650 has built-in sensors to be integrated into the rear bumper for an aesthetically pleasing result.



MagicWatch MWE 650/MW 650

Safe manoeuvring for trucks,
buses and agricultural machinery

The parking aids are automatically activated as soon as you change into reverse. When you approach a near by obstacle you receive an acoustic and visual warning. A convenient extra: the digital distance indicator (4-colour-LED) shows the distance in a range between 30 and 250 cm down to the last centimetre. That means when you are approaching a loading ramp, you can keep the exact distance that’s ideal for lowering the tail lift. Which makes for quicker and easier loading – and time is money, after all.

  • WAECO MagicWatch MW 650, parking aids for trucks,
    for rear, with DSM function*, sub-mounted sensors
  • WAECO MagicWatch MWE 650, parking aids for trucks,
    for rear, with DSM function*, built-in sensors 
  • Extra-large range up to three metres
  • Acoustic and visual warning function
  • Digital Signal Memory (DSM)
  • Splash-proof components
  • Extendable sensor cables up to 10 metres
  • System self-diagnosis
  • Specially designed for metal bumpers (MWE 650)


Ideal for light trucks up to 7.5 t
The display unit is firmly installed in the truck cabin
MWE 650
Easy installation with four sensors integrated in the rear bumper
MW 650
Easy installation with four sensors mounted to underside of the rear bumper
Hard-wired signal transmission from the base unit to the receiver


* DSM function = Digital Signal Memory
DSM stands for Digital Signal Memory. DSM parking aids are able to “memorise” objects permanently fitted to the vehicle, such as tow-bars or spare tyres. When checking the area behind the vehicle, they automatically recognise these objects as belonging to the vehicle and won‘t report them as obstacles.
  WAECO MagicWatch parking aids
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